Launching a New Website? Jump start your SEO.

Excited to launch your new website? Hang in there for some seconds. There may be some considerations to make your website SEO-ready. From setting up services to schema options, make your website SEO friendly & boost up the chances of having a long-term SEO success. Check these 5 boxes before making your site live.

URL Map, Page Title, Meta Description:

Let’s get started with the box number one. I suggest you work on detailed keyword research. Look around your website and make a list of them that maps all the targeting keywords in URLs and in all the pages of your new website.

For an instance, if your targeting keyword is “Pet dogs”,

Your website page URL should look something like this: and “Pet dogs” is the page title and meta description. Go like this on each page with the respective targeted keyword. In early stages of the website, this defining can be a great way to optimize and track SERP ranks.

Crawl, Responsive and UX:

Can Search Engines access you?

Test if your website content is accessible to all search engines. There are varied tools like google search console, screaming frog, or Moz to run a basic scan and make sure that crawlers can reach the nooks of your site. Take a step to clean the duplicate content, thin content pages or no content pages or broken links and all that kind of stuff to get crawled easily.

Is your website accessible to every browser, any device and every user?

This is all about audience. Check if your content is accessible to all your audience, who use different devices and browsers. This could mean responsive to varied screen sizes like mobiles, tablets and screen readers for blind people. Use tools like mobile friendly test by google to test the accessibility of your site across all browsers – Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and many others.

Does your site load fast?

Slow websites can cost you the loss of potential leads. This is a vital aspect to check. Track the load speed of your pages with tools like page speed insights and make the necessary changes suggested. Minify JavaScript, CSS, HTML and reduce server time response to load the pages fast.

Setting up Technical stuff:

Analytics & search console:

From the day one you will need to monitor the traffic and Google Analytics will give the information on the traffic and its sources. Setup Google analytics and webmasters tool to optimize website visibility and site performance. You can also use Omniture, OnPage or Piwik to load analytics on your site but Google Analytics is widely used.

Monitor Uptime & downtimes:

Many tools will track the stats of responsive times, up-time and downtime. Monitor these changes and maintain your site. There are paid tools with cheap plans that do a deep tracking like Pingdom. For free service sign up to Up-time Robot, Host Tracker.

Track your ranks:

Know your competitive opportunities, ranks and do regular crawls to your website to know its SEO performance. Ahrefs and SEMrush are the most popular tools that do all this kind of stuff. Apart from these there are best ones out there. Explore them.

Business Listings:

Claim your business name before anyone else does. List your business on all social media sites and create a page for your service. We will urge you to explore the full list of social media sites and place your mark on all of them, just to make sure to secure your brand identity.


Targeted Keywords. Check.

Page title & Meta description check.

“Are there any opportunities to do SEO better?”

The answer to this is a big YES, apart from all the basic SEO targeting, you can improve your site further with rich snippets & image search. Use alt tags on GIFs and images to get a link back to your site from google image search. The same can be applied to all social media platforms.

Outreach and Amplification:

May be not SEO related, but link outreach and launch amplification will certainly yield better results while launching your new website. A word from an influencer or a list of people who can definitely promote your business can bring crowd to your website on launch day itself. This helps in creating buzz. Do outreach on the launch day, coz it’s the D day and will get some amplification.

All right. When you tick all these check boxes, then is the time for the world to see your new baby. If you see things that are missing in the list, please leave them in your comments. I’d love to know about them.

See you around!

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