5 Most Pressing Challenges of Content Marketing

Over 2 million pieces of content shared daily.

Trillions of emails sent.

Still, there are roadblocks in marketing.

Is everyone adapted to the content marketing wagon?

We all know, it takes a lot of hard work to create a great content.

But, content marketing needs much more than hard work.

It needs a strategy.

Why content marketing is difficult in today’s digital environment?

Let’s look at the top 5 content marketing challenges and their solutions that means everything to your marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Challenge #1 – Producing Engaging content:

All are creating content but not many are confident in creating content that sells. It’s the vital content marketing problem. If you have the content that engages your audience, you’ll have the support of greater budget. Don’t produce  enough content but produce the content that converts.

To put it simple, content marketing is a game of quality not a game of quantity.


  1. Create content with a clear point. Never leave the ends loose, sew them in a pattern to keep the audience glued to your post.
  2. Draft a clear structure before writing.
  3. Communication is the key. Ask questions and answer them.
  4. Give a brief conclusion.

Content Marketing Challenge #2 – Buyer Persona:

This is the heart of content marketing. If you know your audience, you know where to sell. Do a great research on your target audience. Prepare a buyer persona chart. Generate content, targeting your buyer persona, not everyone. Before publishing a content, ask yourself, “Is this what your audience are looking for?”

Lastly, Don’t forget to address your goal.


  1. Find your audience.
  2. Create content that your buyer persona is looking for.
  3. Promote your content where your audience are active.
  4. Know when to publish. Keep the track of active hours of your target audience.

Content Marketing Challenge #3 – Ideation:

Being creative with ideas is not easy. For new ideas, stand in the shoes of your customer and think about the information that your audience care about. Don’t look for one great idea, brainstorm to generate multiple ideas and create a great content on them. For an instance, prepare a list of questions that your customer can have and create an article around it answering all the queries.

If you can create a content that your audience are looking for, you can have them engaged.


  1. Look for market trends.
  2. Ask questions. Answer all the whats, whys, whens, hows and Wheres.
  3. Brainstorm with Google.
  4. Answer your user’s questions.

Content Marketing Challenge #4 – Retaining Audience:

Content marketing is not only creating and promoting great content but is also about retaining a potential customer. Creating engaging content regularly is not an easy task, but knowing your audience behaviour from post to post can keep them glued to your business further.


  1. Understand your audience behaviour.
  2. Generate content based on the audience interest.
  3. Engage your audience with polls and questionnaire.

Content Marketing Challenge #5 – Keeping on Top:

Live in your industry to keep on top. By immersing yourself in reading, learning and applying the new trends of the market to your business will aid you to keep your brand on top steadily. Keep yourself ahead of the game by watching the industry-specific alerts.


  1. Read regular blog-posts on your industry and market.
  2. Watch marketing videos and learn the new trends.
  3. Keep an eye on your competitors and see how are they surviving.

Match your content marketing efforts:

Remember, wasted content is wasted time and budget. Creating engaging content can be struggling but by solid research and foundation, your content can keep your audience tuned to your brand. Furthermore, building strong content marketing strategy can eliminate risk of failure completely.

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