Building Quality Backlinks To Rank In the Top 10 – Part 1

Quality Backlinks

Aren’t all links created equal?

Nope! It ain’t as simple as it sounds, not with the numerous updates Google has made to its search engine.

Earlier, it was just writing a quality post and submitting it to an article submission site and you would receive a number of leads. However, this isn’t the case post Penguin. And you never know how many more changes Google will make.

With such uncertainty, how do you build high quality backlinks?

Building Quality Backlinks Requires You To Know How Google Ranks Your Page

Google values information. Providing valuable information that would return your readers for keeps will push you up the ranking ladder.

Take note that just presenting some home truths is not enough. You need to engage your reader; and that’s only going to happen with good navigation.

Why are we talking about navigation when the keynote is backlinks?

Because for effective link building, site organization matters.

When people visit your site, they shouldn’t be wondering what to do next. Neither should search engines find it difficult to understand whether your website is what a ‘searcher’ is looking for.

Wondering how you will accomplish this?

Well, the first step is to create a roadmap. What kind of content will you be uploading? Where will you be uploading it? You can look at your competitors for ideas.

Make sure that you have a homepage, an about-us page, a services page and finally a contact us page. The next step is to create rich content – content that will make other sites to want to link to your site.

For regular updates, you could opt for newsletters or perhaps, a blog section. Remember, you will need to work continuously on your site to keep up your rank.

Should you hasten, work rigorously?

Nope. If you suddenly upload a lot of content with a lot of quality links, it is going to look manipulative to Google. Remember, it’s searching for content that helps your reader.

So, what to do instead?

Help Google find your content and index it. Once it’s indexed, you can think about backlinks. To index the content, you can use

  1. Update your content on your website.
  2. Use Alexa to look up at the metrics.
  3. When Google’s spiders crawl Alexa, they will find your content as Alexa would’ve already added it to the database.

Two informative and engaging posts of 500 words each, every week, should you get you ranked on top within a few months. Of course, you need to find some anchor text and link your site to another informative website.

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