Building Quality Backlinks To Rank In The Top 10 – Part 2

quality backlinks to rank in top 10

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Welcome back!

After the last post, we hope that you’ve geared up and begun working on your site; probably have gotten your web pages indexed. Without further ado, let’s move on to the next step, the crux of this series – link building in a scalable way.

How To Bring Quality Backlinks To Your Site

Most people believe that link building and acquisition is stressful; however, that is only true if readers find your content not worth sharing. Why does content seem to be the protagonist when it should be the links instead?

Because no one is going to visit your site if they find it boring. And that means you lose leads. As Cyrus Shepherd says, “90% of your efforts should go into building content and only 10, into link building.”

As far as the rule of the thumb goes, if you are finding it difficult to build quality backlinks to your site, then it’s most likely that you have reversed the 90/10 rule. You should note that just one good quality post can bring numerous quality links to your site.

You can differentiate between a high quality link and a low quality one in two ways: the former is relevant and trustworthy. Meaning, if you have a site selling mattresses and you receive an inbound link from a post about ‘how to choose a mattress’, then that lead has high chances of conversion into a customer because he/she finds your site relevant.

This will help in better link acquisition and achieves high PR. One useful tool that can help you begin quality link building is Similar Site Search. Type in your URL and you can find sites that have similar content such as yours. You should then contact these site owners and see if they are interested in linking with your site.

Here’s how you decide which site is worth linking to.

  1. Domain authority

Simply put, domain authority is an estimate, denoted as a number, of how well a domain will perform in search. You can easily search estimate this using the MOZ Bar. A high DA metric means that that site functions well and you can consider it for backlinking.

  1. Domain relevance

The  right anchor text can do wonders for your page ranking and improve incoming links tenfold. You can take the help of Small SEO Tools to check for relevance. Combine domain relevance with the right anchor text to shoot up above the ranks.

Now, these few tips are going to bring numerous high quality backlinks to your site, but your battle is far from over. Find out in our next post how you can stay on top!

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