Google Updates Video Structured Data Features

Google is the most common search platform to look for anything including videos. Even though Google tries to automatically understand the video details, you can now clearly provide information by marking the videos. Your videos can now appear in Google search results, video search results, Google Images, and Google Discover.

Google has updated the help document of its video structured data on some of the latest enhancements to video search results. You can now mark timestamps on your YouTube videos, monitor the performance of your videos in Search Console, and can get more screenshots to show the new structured data types in action.

Based on the framed content, videos may also eligible for the following enhancements:

Live badge: Live badge can be attached to any video that is live streaming. The video can be of any length.

To show Live Badge in your videos, follow the guidelines and use the indexing API so that Google runs the page at right time.

Clips: Clips help users to quickly jump to a specific time or point in a video. This feature has limited access. By design, Google search may enable clips based on the video description.

Monitor performance in search

The following Google tools will help you understand the way users interact with your videos:

  • Performance report: Performance report In Google search console shows the way your videos appear either in general search results or in Discover. You can access these results with Search Console API.
  • Rich result status report: Rich result status report in search console can help you understand what Google can or cannot read from your sites and troubleshoot rich results. This can help you examine and resolve the unexpected fluctuations and errors in traffic.

Best practices for marking timestamps on YouTube

If you host your video on YouTube, Google search automatically enables clips for the video based on your video description on YouTube. Yet, Google prefers you to clearly state the important points in the video.

  • Timestamp: The time when a specific clip starts
  • Label: The name of the specific clip

Do follow the guidelines when description your video for YouTube.

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